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The story of a girl who faved all the posts, and the fandoms that caused her to do so.

September 05, 2014
  • me: I should go shower now
  • (five minutes later)
  • (another five minutes later)
  • (yet another five minutes later)
  • (more five minute intervals)
  • someone: (goes into the bathroom)
  • me: wow fuck you I was JUST about to go take a shower
September 04, 2014
“Jennifer Lawrence does not exist to fulfill my masturbatory fantasies. Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around like a joint at a party. Jennifer Lawrence is a human fucking being. And she’s not my property, and she’s not your property, and we all need to back the fuck off.”

Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around (

Alright everybody, even fucking Playboy has officially condemned leaking nude pictures. Just let that sink in. (Also: four for you Playboy. You go Playboy.)

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August 30, 2014


conclusion:  portal is a fucking great game and if you haven’t played it then you are certainly not living your life to the fullest

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